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Product Pusher or Endorser?

- Wednesday, January 28, 2015

One of the most common statements I hear Hair designers make is “I’m not a salesperson and I don’t feel comfortable selling products.”

We are experienced in hair - and with that experience, comes our knowledge and expertise to use and recommend the best products available to deliver our clients the desired results they are seeking. In a way, we are ambassadors of our favorite products. With so many options available to our clients, it is our responsibility as professionals to help them navigate the barrage.

Recently, we have seen incredible changes in product technology, innovation and advancement in hair products. We have also seen a change in the terms and buzz words that identify the various cuts, colors and styles today.

As a stylist, our clients consider us the experts and often look for us to provide them with the best suggestions, product recommendations and healthy hair habits for their locks. We should try to make a conscious effort to communicate our experience and knowledge as well as our professional opinion. 

Have you ever considered how much you talk to your clients during their appointment? A lot. What are you discussing? Their hair or The Voice? Conversations should start with a consultation for each and every client whether it be 1 minute or 15 minutes. Each client should have the opportunity to communicate their hair needs with you before anything begins. It is important to take time to connect and open up conversations about how they are feeling about their hair before they head to the shampoo bowl.

Typically, the shampoo bowl is where the first introduction of product begins. Taking a moment to discuss the shampoo you are using and why helps keep your client connected. When I begin one of my famous “relaxing” shampoo massages, I often discuss which Ovation Hair Therapy product I am applying and why. This is an easy way for me to introduce my clients to the amazing product and help them achieve thicker, stronger, longer hair. Pretty simple? Without selling, I have just sold them (hopefully) on the benefits of the product I chose.

When you are styling out a client, how many times have you reached for a bottle (on a shelf full of products), put it in your hand, put it back on the shelf and never told the client (let alone showed the client) which product you used and why. We are moving so fast; sometimes, we forget to share with our client why we chose the smoothing serum, spray or whatever styling product. Let your client hold the product you just used - this really involves them with the finishing and gives them the opportunity to really look at what you just applied on their hair. They are probably going to use something when they do their hair at home. Help them get salon results when they do their hair at home. They will be forever grateful. 

I have found that just by talking about what I am using and why I like to use it will send a product out the door with a client because they had a need and I just filled it for them. If you use products in the salon that you like and believe in, all you need to do is share what you like about them.  I back my product recommendations with a money back guarantee if they are not completely happy with their result. This lets me do the trouble shooting if they do have a problem. 

Be confident in your recommendations.

We don’t have to feel like a pusher of products, we just have to believe in what we use and share with our clients why we like what we use. Your retail sales will naturally increase.

Happy Sharing


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