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Prevent Hair Color from Fading

Erika Sherwood - Friday, February 14, 2014


There are few things more satisfying than walking out of a salon after a color treatment. Let’s face it, hair color is important business. With all of the choices out there and because each shade is a little (or a lot) different, our hair color makes us unique.  Whether you’ve chosen to simply cover your grey or go for a Ri Ri red, you want to keep your color as long as possible.

Fortunately, for color-treated ladies and gentleman everywhere, preserving that precious color is easier than ever.  These tips will not only prevent fading, but keep your color vibrant!


Prevent Hair Color from Fading Wash Hair Less – Shampoo does its job by removing dirt, oil, and protective lipids.  When you wash and remove that protective barrier, color is more susceptible to being removed. If you can skip a few shampoos per week, you’ll decrease the amount of color that leaks out so it’ll fade less.

Say No to Sulfates – Shampoos that contain harsh detergents or sulfates, are especially good at removing the items mentioned above. The quickest way to remove hair color is to use a shampoos with sulfates on a daily basis so if you wash frequently, switch to something sulfate free.

Turn Down the Temp – Hair color deposits within the scales of your hair cuticles. Since hot water stretches these scales and opens up the cuticle – washing with extra hot water can leech the color from the strands, resulting in a faster fade. Keep color vibrant

Use Thermal Protection – We all know that sun exposure fades hair color over time, but preventing it is simple! Adding a Thermal Protection Spray with UV protection helps alleviate the fade.  Ingredients in the Ovation Thermal Protection Spray do just that, they absorb the UV rays, literally protecting your locks.

Decrease Chlorine Exposure – Chlorine affects hair color on a whole other level – a chemical one.  Chlorine attaches to the color molecules and changes their make-up so instead of causing hair color to fade, it can actually change the color altogether…yikes! Avoid this by wearing a swim cap or by covering your strands with a Crème Rinse before entering the pool – the crème rinse will act as a barrier to the chlorine! Seems easy enough right? By simply lowering the temp, washing less and/or switching shampoos you can protect your prize-possession-of-a-hair-color. In fact, these tips are great hair habits in general. They will prevent color fading and keep hair hydrated, shiny and manageable. 

For more information about our Thermal Protections Spray, click here. To view all of the Ovation products, visit OvationHair.com.

Enjoy vibrant, healthy hair! 


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