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The Ovation Salon Professional Blog is an extension of our quest to deliver good hair days. The articles are meant to educate stylists on how to create the happiest, healthiest hair possible. Tired of frizz? We’ve got some prevention tips. Want to know which foods to eat for longer hair? Done. Looking to pump up the volume while blow drying? Look no further. Whether it’s hair tips and tricks, hair health information, product updates or usage instructions, the Ovation Salon Pro Blog is the place to come for all things healthy hair.

Meet Sheila - Our Top Performing Certified Cell Therapist

Erika Sherwood - Wednesday, July 09, 2014

My name is Shiela B. I am a self-employed stylist at Image Solutions in Escondido, CA. Throughout my career I have always been skeptical of products that say they can strengthen, give hair more volume, grow faster, etc. and nothing worked.

Clients spend a lot of money on products that don't produce what they promise. A few years ago a couple of clients of mine told me about Ovation Cell Therapy. I was still skeptical. If it wasn't for seeing results with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it.

I watch the product mend broken off hair and make their hair stronger and healthier I now have many clients and myself using Ovation and love it.

Get Thicker, Stronger, Longer Hair with Ovation!


Beach Bag Must Haves – Hair Care Products for Summer

Erika Sherwood - Friday, May 16, 2014
Hair care products for summer - from Ovation Hair

Summer is next month so if you plan on spending time at the beach and/or in the pool (who isn’t?), your hair is going to need added protection. During the warm, dry months moisture is a must for your strands.  Without the proper amount of moisture, hair loses elasticity, breaks more easily, and can become dry, frizzy, dull and much less manageable.

Pack your summer hair care arsenal with these Ovation Hair products (products that help strands get moisture & retain it) and you’ll beat the heat and keep your locks moisturized all season long.  Here are our top three summertime hair care must-haves:

Hair Care Products for Summer

Thermal Protection – When it comes to summer hair essentials, Thermal Protection spray should be at the top of your list.  Ovation’s Thermal Protection Spray not only provides protection against hot styling tools, it contains naturally derived, high-quality ingredients that do much more! During the summer months, we recommend using Thermal Protection daily since our unique formula includes panthenol and hydrolyzed keratin protein, ingredients that moisturize, add softness and increase shine. In addition, the peach and pomegranate extracts provide anti-oxidant properties that promote healing and repair.

Cell Therapy or Moisturizing Crème Rinse – Your hair strands are like a sponge. When you enter the pool or ocean, your hair soaks up as much water as it can and absorbs the minerals and chemicals the water contains. Not to worry! You can shield your strands by rinsing your hair and coating it with Ovation Cell Therapy or our Moisturizing Crème Rinse. You will accomplish two things: moisturizing your hair and blocking out the dehydrating effects of chlorine and/or salt water.

Clarifying Shampoo –Ovation’s Clarifying Shampoo contains key ingredients ideal for keeping your scalp healthy during the summer season. Not only does this shampoo have powerful cleansers to remove stubborn buildup caused by chlorine, sunscreen, sand, salt water and more, but it also contains Glycolic Acid and Aloe, ingredients that help soothe dry scalps. We recommend using Ovation Clarifying Therapy Shampoo 2-4 times per month and after increased exposure to chlorine and salt water. By adding these products to your summertime hair care regimen, you’ll be beach bound and confident knowing that your hair will be more than ready to take on the sun and the sand.

Enjoy your summer strands!


Thermal Protection (Heat Spray) Tips for Healthy Hair

Erika Sherwood - Friday, May 09, 2014
Thermal-Protection-SprayFor many of us, hot styling tools are a catch 22. We know when we use them on a daily basis, we’re wreaking havoc on our precious strands, but by not using them our tresses can end up looking like a hot mess. The good news is there is an amazing (very well-known) product that helps solve this daily dilemma – Thermal Protection Spray! With a simple application, you can reduce damage caused by the styling tools, meaning you can style AND protect your hair at the same time.

How Thermal Protection Works
Without protection, hot styling tools open your hair cuticles. This makes the strand more susceptible to damage and allows much needed moisture to escape. Thermal Protection works by creating a seal that blocks heat’s ability to lift the cuticle which allows the hair strand to remain moisturized, keep its elasticity and makes it less prone to breakage.

Although applying Ovation Thermal Protection Spray is relatively straightforward, I’ve put together some instructions for ease of use.
Thermal Protection (Heat Spray) Tips for Healthy Hair:
  1. Use on clean and wet/damp hair.
  2. Gently detangle hair with a wide tooth comb or brush.
  3. Section hair into large pieces.
  4. Spray each section from root to tip. Hold spray around six inches away (use 2-3 pumps per section). Concentrate application on the ends (where hair is most susceptible to damage).
  5. Comb through to distribute the product.
  6. Let air dry or use blow dryer on low setting.
  7. Use flat or curling iron on lowest setting possible for your strands.
  8. Enjoy protected, conditioned, beautifully styled hair!
Ovation’s Thermal Protection Spray not only provides protection against hot styling tools, it contains naturally derived, high-quality ingredients that do much more!  Our unique, non-greasy formula includes panthenol and hydrolyzed keratin protein that moisturizes, adds softness and increases shine.  The peach and pomegranate extracts have anti-oxidant properties that promote healing and repair. Thermal Protection Spray is safe (and actually recommended) for everyday use. While it was formulated to protect against hot styling tools like flat and curling irons, the ingredients included also protect against UV rays. The best part? It’s only $14.95!

By following these instructions and applying Thermal Protection daily you can literally beat the heat and keep those strands healthy and hydrated! How about you – how often do you use Thermal Protection?


Get to know us! Meet Kyle

Erika Sherwood - Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kyle - Men's Ovation Cell Therapy ReviewWe’re lucky we get to hear from our clients all the time.  Our Personal Account and Client Service Representatives, who work very hard to give you the best Ovation experience, have daily conversations with clients about everything from hair health to product instructions.  Because we love getting to know you, I thought it would fun for you to get to know us.  The employees here represent different backgrounds, ethnicities, personalities and very different hair types.  Learning about the way each of us use Ovation Products and what our individual results are may give you a better idea of how the products work for many different types of people. Today’s interview is with our Technical Director, Kyle.

How long have you worked at Ovation Hair? What is your position and background? I have been working here at DC Labs for about 3 years; however, I have been involved in the development of Ovation products since 2008.  I currently hold the title of Technical Director and run the product development lab as well as overseeing quality assurance/quality control operations.  I have been manufacturing products since the mid-90s.  I started producing jams and jellies as part of an extracurricular fund raising program while studying food science at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. A move back to SoCal at the turn of the century brought me to another manufacturer where I was hired for my expertise in skin care manufacturing. The position quickly expanded into hair care product formulation.  My experience in nutrition, skincare and hair care product creation made me ideally suited as a contributor to the creation of our flagship Cell Therapy® Treatment.

What is your favorite thing about working here? Describe a day-in-the-life of Kyle at Ovation. I enjoy working at Ovation because we are always striving to improve and expand our product line and processes.  However, working with a great group of people and the San Diego lifestyle does not hurt either!   My typical day is rather diverse and includes activities ranging from mixing and evaluating new prototype formulations at my in-lab salon to checking incoming raw materials and our water supply in order to insure consistent quality.

What are some of your favorite things to do while you’re not at work? When not at work I try to spend as much time outdoors as possible.  Mountain biking is my primary passion and I also enjoy hiking, rock climbing and mountaineering.  Although SoCal is known for its beaches, our coastal mountains offer many more recreational opportunities.  I also enjoy craft beer and San Diego is quickly becoming a small brewery mecca.

Where are you originally from? What do you love most about Southern California? I am a SoCal native, born in Long Beach and raised in Los Angeles’s South Bay.  After college in SLO and several years spent in the San Francisco Bay Area I was eager to return to the great weather and lifestyle I had grown up with.

What is your hair type and go-to hair style? My hair is very thick and coarse but not oily so it is able to thrive on an application of Cell Therapy a few times a week. I use Cell Therapy as a cleansing treatment in between shampoos occasionally as well.  My hair is naturally very sensitive to humidity, a moist day results in massive frizz and fly-aways!  I can usually get it under control with the Men’s Healthy Hair Gel or using an upcoming product that we have in the pipeline.  I come to work product-free. That way, I have a clean slate to use for new product evaluation.

What would you say to someone who’s interested in trying Ovation? I would recommend Cell Therapy to anyone. Even those of us who are already blessed with an abundance of hair can benefit from a healthier scalp and reduced breakage.  For those struggling with hair loss, including men suffering from thinning or pattern loss, I say give it a try, it can only help. And with our guarantee there is no risk. Thank you for the interview Kyle and for all that you do here. You’re truly passionate about helping our clients achieve healthy hair and we’re lucky to have you! To find out more about Ovation Hair, visit OvationHair.com or give us a call Monday – Friday from 7:30-5:00 PST at 888-411-3252.

<3 Emily  

Volume Enhancer Tips for Thicker Hair

Erika Sherwood - Wednesday, April 09, 2014
Volume Enhancer for Thicker HairWhen it comes to hair, we strongly believe in the phrase “the bigger, the better” hence the whole thicker, stronger, longer hair tagline.

Although we have clients with all different hair types, conditions and hair care needs, most of them have this in common: they’re looking for a quick, daily solution for flat, lifeless hair. Enter: Ovation Volume Enhancer.

We want all of our clients to feel the best about the hair they have which is why we create products for the healthiest hair possible. We’ve even developed our styling products to include ingredients that promote healthy strands. The Ovation Volume Enhancer Styling Spray is a light-weight, nutrient rich formula with ingredients that add body and fullness to hair strands. Since there are several ways to pump up the volume, we’ve put together some tips on how to style.

Volume Enhancer Tips for Thicker Hair 
  1. Spray on partially dry hair – If you can, let hair air dry (vs. using a hairdryer) to about 50%.
  2. Section hair into large pieces – spray once at the root and once down the hair shaft of each section.
  3. Use a wide tooth comb to spread product and gently detangle.
  4. Blow dry on a low setting with round brush, focusing on the roots, until hair is completely dry.
In addition to the Volume Enhancer spray, our styling line includes a Thermal Protection, Finishing Spray and Men’s Healthy Hair Gel. While our Volume Enhancer adds body, our Cell Therapy® Hair Treatment creates thicker, stronger hair with each use!  It’s packed with proteins, vitamins and other nutrients that strengthen the hair strands from within resulting in less damage and better overall hair health. To find out more about these products or to make a purchase, visit OvationHair.com.

Enjoy thicker hair!

Snack Foods for Healthy Hair

Erika Sherwood - Friday, March 14, 2014
Blueberries - snack food for healthy hair

I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of snacking. Snack foods boost my mood, keep my stomach happy and in general are just a great way to break up the day.  And because healthy hair starts from within, there are some snacks that serve a purpose way beyond a mid-day distraction - They can actually contribute to the health of your hair.

Snack Foods for Healthy Hair

Here’s a list of hair-friendly foods that make snacking your way to healthy hair super easy (and delicious):

Blueberries – Blueberries are antioxidant-rich and full of biotin – two things your hair loves. Antioxidants keep hair and scalp cells healthy while protecting hair follicles from harm. Biotin is an essential hair vitamin because it’s said to increase the hair’s elasticity and prevent breakage.

Kiwi Kiwis are also antioxidant rich and like other citrus fruits, are high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps form collagen on the hair follicle. Strong collagen keeps the strands protected and healthy which in turn promotes optimal growth.

Carrots The beta-carotene in carrots turns into Vitamin A, a vitamin that every cell in your body needs. Vitamin A is also known to produce essential scalp oils, keeping it moisturized and healthy.

Cashews – Cashews are full of biotin and Iron. Iron transfers oxygen to the hair follicle which is essential for healthy hair growth.

Yogurt – Yogurt is full of vitamins that are great for hair health.  Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and is said to aid in scalp and follicle health.  Vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid, is known to strengthen the hair follicle and can help clear the scalp of dead skin cells.

If this list of snack foods doesn’t tempt your taste buds, there are plenty of options that include the vitamins and nutrients mentioned. On top of choosing the right foods to eat (or snack on), there are ways to make sure that your body and follicles get what they need to create the healthiest hair possible.

Cell Therapy – with Cell Therapy and other Ovation products, you can directly expose your scalp and hair to the nutrients they need. Cell Therapy contains proteins, biotin and other vitamins that create thicker, stronger, longer – healthy hair.

Multivitamins – Another way to ensure you’re getting what you need internally is to take a daily multivitamin.  The Ovation multivitamin was created to not only provide your body with essential vitamins, but also includes vitamins and plant extracts that are especially known for their benefits to the hair and scalp. Whether it’s feeding your body or nourishing the follicle itself, your hair thrives when it’s properly fed. Go ahead, get your snack on and enjoy healthy hair! Emily

Sources: Huffingtonpost.com, Livestrong.com, Foodmatters.tv, Webmd.com

Five Things about Ovation Cell Therapy you may not know

Erika Sherwood - Saturday, February 22, 2014
Ovation-Cell-Therapy - 5 things you may not know

It’s been called magic, a wonder product, even a cure-all. Yep, Ovation Cell Therapy® is an amazing, very effective product (if we do say so ourselves). For many of our clients, Cell Therapy brings the words “Thicker, Stronger, Longer – Healthy Hair” to mind, but there are ingredients and processes involved in formulating it, that make this product much more than what it’s known for.

Here are five things about Ovation Cell Therapy you may not know

1. Can be used as a cleanser between washings: Although Cell Therapy doesn’t contain surfactants (detergents);it can be used as a cleanser (co-wash) in-between shampoos. The ingredients include emulsifiers that absorb oil when massaged into the scalp and roots. It won’t replace a shampoo, but it will allow you to skip a shampoo or two. When you wash less, your hair stays hydrated, manageable, healthy and prevents color fade.

2. Contains Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein: Cell Therapy works to repair and strengthen hair strands because it contains a healthy dose of Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein. HKP is Keratin Protein broken into smaller peptide groups that have a positive charge. Those peptides attach themselves to damaged portions of the hair (negatively charged) and repair strands while protecting against further damage.

3. Includes conditioning agents: Since Cell Therapy is associated with the words thicker, stronger and longer, many people don’t realize the conditioning benefits it provides for all hair types.

Coarse, dry and/or curly hair: When used as a hair mask for 3-5 minutes in the shower, Cell Therapy can provide conditioning and detangling benefits in addition to your everyday conditioner. You can add Moisturizing Crème rinse right on top of Cell Therapy before you rinse it out.

Baby fine, soft hair: For finer strands, Cell Therapy provides the benefits mentioned above as well as anti-static properties. Since Cell Therapy hydrates and conditions, you can get away with using less conditioner or a very lightweight Crème Rinse.

4. We make it here: We have a chemist on staff that not only hand-picked the best of the best ingredients for Cell Therapy, but also tests the formula on a regular basis. We produce, bottle and ship it right here in our production facility in Southern California.

5. Safe for all: Cell Therapy is naturally derived and medication free so it’s safe for all ages, pregnant women and even those who are sensitive to gluten and sulfates. It’s also universal and works for any and all hair types.There’s a little insight into why Cell Therapy creates more than just thicker, stronger, and longer hair. To find out more about Cell Therapy and Cell Therapy Systems, visit OvationHair.com. Enjoy healthy hair!


Prevent Hair Color from Fading

Erika Sherwood - Friday, February 14, 2014


There are few things more satisfying than walking out of a salon after a color treatment. Let’s face it, hair color is important business. With all of the choices out there and because each shade is a little (or a lot) different, our hair color makes us unique.  Whether you’ve chosen to simply cover your grey or go for a Ri Ri red, you want to keep your color as long as possible.

Fortunately, for color-treated ladies and gentleman everywhere, preserving that precious color is easier than ever.  These tips will not only prevent fading, but keep your color vibrant!


Prevent Hair Color from Fading Wash Hair Less – Shampoo does its job by removing dirt, oil, and protective lipids.  When you wash and remove that protective barrier, color is more susceptible to being removed. If you can skip a few shampoos per week, you’ll decrease the amount of color that leaks out so it’ll fade less.

Say No to Sulfates – Shampoos that contain harsh detergents or sulfates, are especially good at removing the items mentioned above. The quickest way to remove hair color is to use a shampoos with sulfates on a daily basis so if you wash frequently, switch to something sulfate free.

Turn Down the Temp – Hair color deposits within the scales of your hair cuticles. Since hot water stretches these scales and opens up the cuticle – washing with extra hot water can leech the color from the strands, resulting in a faster fade. Keep color vibrant

Use Thermal Protection – We all know that sun exposure fades hair color over time, but preventing it is simple! Adding a Thermal Protection Spray with UV protection helps alleviate the fade.  Ingredients in the Ovation Thermal Protection Spray do just that, they absorb the UV rays, literally protecting your locks.

Decrease Chlorine Exposure – Chlorine affects hair color on a whole other level – a chemical one.  Chlorine attaches to the color molecules and changes their make-up so instead of causing hair color to fade, it can actually change the color altogether…yikes! Avoid this by wearing a swim cap or by covering your strands with a Crème Rinse before entering the pool – the crème rinse will act as a barrier to the chlorine! Seems easy enough right? By simply lowering the temp, washing less and/or switching shampoos you can protect your prize-possession-of-a-hair-color. In fact, these tips are great hair habits in general. They will prevent color fading and keep hair hydrated, shiny and manageable. 

For more information about our Thermal Protections Spray, click here. To view all of the Ovation products, visit OvationHair.com.

Enjoy vibrant, healthy hair! 


Rihanna photo: fanpop.com


Frizzy Hair Remedies

Erika Sherwood - Thursday, June 20, 2013

Frizzy hair remediesWho doesn’t love curly hair? As a stick straight – won’t curl to save its life – haired gal, I have an insane amount of natural curly envy. Although I consider wavy hair to be the perfect hair type, my curly-headed friends constantly remind me that the grass is always greener.  

The complaints I hear most from them relate to their battle with frizz. There are several different things that cause frizzy hair and they all revolve around one thing – Moisture (or lack thereof).

If your hair is low on moisture, you’re more prone to frizz. Curly hair tends to be drier, which is why that hair type is most commonly affected by frizz.

Frizzy Hair Remedies

While frizz is a concern for curly hair types all year round, in the next few months it may become an issue for the rest of us as well. Summer is just not the time for unruly hair so here are a few ways to prevent those coveted beachy waves from turning into the not-so-coveted poofy mess.

Use ethyl and isopropyl alcohol free products: Many sources say to stick with alcohol free hair care products completely, but some types of alcohol are actually good for your hair. There are two different types of alcohol you should be aware of when looking at skin and hair care product ingredients, volatile and non-volatile. The volatile ones (ethyl and isopropyl for example) are the ones you want to avoid. They have a small molecular weight so they evaporate quickly, causing dry frizzy hair. Non-volatile or fatty alcohols, such as cetyl alcohol have a higher carbon count so they are oily and condition hair. Unlike many other styling products, the Ovation Thermal Protection and Volumizing Sprays are not only alcohol free, they also contain conditioning ingredients that will help prevent dryness and frizz.

Don’t wash hair every day or use gentle cleansers: Natural oils are great frizz fighters so you want to keep them around (for at least a day or two).  Certain shampoos not only remove build up and dirt, they also remove those oils that hydrate the hair.  If you can skip a few washings a week or co-wash (rinse and condition – no shampoo), you’ll keep your hair more hydrated.  If you prefer to wash every day, make sure to use a sulfate free shampoo that doesn’t strip your hair of the oil it needs.

Use a heat protectant spray:  Thermal Protection sprays coat the hair and lock in moisture so it both decreases and prevent frizz. Ovation’s Thermal Protection Spray also includes ingredients that repair the hair while adding smoothness and shine. Use it daily for hydrated, protected hair.

Purchase a quality blow dryer: Purchasing an ionic hair dryer is a great investment in your hair health, especially if you are more prone to frizz. Ionic blow dryers dry the hair very quickly because they are very effective in breaking down the water molecules in the hair.  They also create negatively charged ions which keep hair cuticles closed.  A closed cuticle retains moisture, controls frizz and enhances shine.

Moisturize often: Whether your hair is naturally dry or not, it’s a good idea to increase the amount of moisture you add into your hair care routine during the summer.  You’ll definitely want to moisturize (to re-hydrate) after each wash and for some, a daily hydrating or weekly hair mask routine is necessary to avoid frizz. Just remember, healthy hair is hydrated hair.  These tips will keep will get you there and by following them, you’ll be well on your way to a frizz free summer! What steps do you take to avoid frizz?


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Get to know us! Meet Leilani

Erika Sherwood - Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Ovation Personal Account Rep

We’re lucky in that we get to hear from our clients all the time.  Our Client Service and Personal Account Representatives, who work very hard to give you the best Ovation experience, have daily conversations with clients about everything from hair health to product instructions. Because we love getting to know you, I thought it would fun for you to get to know us. The employees here represent different backgrounds, ethnicities, personalities, and very different hair types.

Learning about the ways each of us use Ovation Products and what our individual results are, may give you a better idea of how the products works for many different types of people. So Ovation Nation….Meet Leilani! She works as one of our Personal Account Representatives and helps clients place all types of orders.

How long have you worked at Ovation Hair? 2 years

What is your favorite thing about working here? Helping others achieve their hair goals!

What are some of your favorite things to do while you’re not at work? I love being outdoors with my amazing family and at the moment especially enjoy restoring our ’64 Falcon.

What is your hair type? I have coarse dry hair.

What is your go-to hair style?  I blow dry half of my hair, and then straighten the front and top of my hair. I roll it in a bun and by the time I get to work, I take the bun out and have big curls.

How do you use the Ovation products? What is your hair care regimen? I wash every other day or every two days. The night before I wash, I dampen my scalp and apply the Cell Therapy to my scalp and massage it in. In the morning I wash with the Color Therapy Shampoo, rinse, apply a hair mask to my ends and leave for 5 minutes. I then follow up with the Crème Rinse Moisturizer for 2-3 minutes and rinse. I will towel dry, apply the Thermal Protection Spray, comb through and blow dry. Lastly, I straighten and finish the style with an Argan Oil.

How has Ovation improved the health of your hair? My hair was excessively shedding and very dry after each of my pregnancies. Since using the Ovation products, not only has the shedding stopped, but I was also able to decrease my split ends and my hair became thick again.

What would you say to someone who’s interested in trying Ovation? My advice is to purchase a 12oz.Cell Therapy System and stay consistent with the products until the bottles are empty.  A great hydrating regime will help take your hair to the next level as well. The hard work you put into your hair care regime is what you will get out of it.

Thank you for sharing Lani.  You’ve helped countless clients achieve healthy hair and we’re fortunate to have you as part of the Ovation PAR team!

<3  Emily