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Five Things about Ovation Cell Therapy you may not know

Erika Sherwood - Saturday, February 22, 2014
Ovation-Cell-Therapy - 5 things you may not know

It’s been called magic, a wonder product, even a cure-all. Yep, Ovation Cell Therapy® is an amazing, very effective product (if we do say so ourselves). For many of our clients, Cell Therapy brings the words “Thicker, Stronger, Longer – Healthy Hair” to mind, but there are ingredients and processes involved in formulating it, that make this product much more than what it’s known for.

Here are five things about Ovation Cell Therapy you may not know

1. Can be used as a cleanser between washings: Although Cell Therapy doesn’t contain surfactants (detergents);it can be used as a cleanser (co-wash) in-between shampoos. The ingredients include emulsifiers that absorb oil when massaged into the scalp and roots. It won’t replace a shampoo, but it will allow you to skip a shampoo or two. When you wash less, your hair stays hydrated, manageable, healthy and prevents color fade.

2. Contains Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein: Cell Therapy works to repair and strengthen hair strands because it contains a healthy dose of Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein. HKP is Keratin Protein broken into smaller peptide groups that have a positive charge. Those peptides attach themselves to damaged portions of the hair (negatively charged) and repair strands while protecting against further damage.

3. Includes conditioning agents: Since Cell Therapy is associated with the words thicker, stronger and longer, many people don’t realize the conditioning benefits it provides for all hair types.

Coarse, dry and/or curly hair: When used as a hair mask for 3-5 minutes in the shower, Cell Therapy can provide conditioning and detangling benefits in addition to your everyday conditioner. You can add Moisturizing Crème rinse right on top of Cell Therapy before you rinse it out.

Baby fine, soft hair: For finer strands, Cell Therapy provides the benefits mentioned above as well as anti-static properties. Since Cell Therapy hydrates and conditions, you can get away with using less conditioner or a very lightweight Crème Rinse.

4. We make it here: We have a chemist on staff that not only hand-picked the best of the best ingredients for Cell Therapy, but also tests the formula on a regular basis. We produce, bottle and ship it right here in our production facility in Southern California.

5. Safe for all: Cell Therapy is naturally derived and medication free so it’s safe for all ages, pregnant women and even those who are sensitive to gluten and sulfates. It’s also universal and works for any and all hair types.There’s a little insight into why Cell Therapy creates more than just thicker, stronger, and longer hair. To find out more about Cell Therapy and Cell Therapy Systems, visit OvationHair.com. Enjoy healthy hair!


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