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Beach Bag Must Haves – Hair Care Products for Summer

Erika Sherwood - Friday, May 16, 2014
Hair care products for summer - from Ovation Hair

Summer is next month so if you plan on spending time at the beach and/or in the pool (who isn’t?), your hair is going to need added protection. During the warm, dry months moisture is a must for your strands.  Without the proper amount of moisture, hair loses elasticity, breaks more easily, and can become dry, frizzy, dull and much less manageable.

Pack your summer hair care arsenal with these Ovation Hair products (products that help strands get moisture & retain it) and you’ll beat the heat and keep your locks moisturized all season long.  Here are our top three summertime hair care must-haves:

Hair Care Products for Summer

Thermal Protection – When it comes to summer hair essentials, Thermal Protection spray should be at the top of your list.  Ovation’s Thermal Protection Spray not only provides protection against hot styling tools, it contains naturally derived, high-quality ingredients that do much more! During the summer months, we recommend using Thermal Protection daily since our unique formula includes panthenol and hydrolyzed keratin protein, ingredients that moisturize, add softness and increase shine. In addition, the peach and pomegranate extracts provide anti-oxidant properties that promote healing and repair.

Cell Therapy or Moisturizing Crème Rinse – Your hair strands are like a sponge. When you enter the pool or ocean, your hair soaks up as much water as it can and absorbs the minerals and chemicals the water contains. Not to worry! You can shield your strands by rinsing your hair and coating it with Ovation Cell Therapy or our Moisturizing Crème Rinse. You will accomplish two things: moisturizing your hair and blocking out the dehydrating effects of chlorine and/or salt water.

Clarifying Shampoo –Ovation’s Clarifying Shampoo contains key ingredients ideal for keeping your scalp healthy during the summer season. Not only does this shampoo have powerful cleansers to remove stubborn buildup caused by chlorine, sunscreen, sand, salt water and more, but it also contains Glycolic Acid and Aloe, ingredients that help soothe dry scalps. We recommend using Ovation Clarifying Therapy Shampoo 2-4 times per month and after increased exposure to chlorine and salt water. By adding these products to your summertime hair care regimen, you’ll be beach bound and confident knowing that your hair will be more than ready to take on the sun and the sand.

Enjoy your summer strands!


Anonymous commented on 11-Aug-2014 02:40 PM
Love the summer, hate what it does to my clients' hair. Thanks for the tips - must try the thermal spray!

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